Health and safety is my priority. With the evolving situation around covid-19, I want to make sure my clients know the best ways to help protect themselves and others.

According to the cdc and local health officials, people who have been diagnosed with covid-19, suspect they may have it, or are experiencing symptoms should not have my in-home service.

I continue to monitor the ongoing situation — and make updates — based on official guidance from federal and local health authorities.

A Note from Anja:
How Am I Handling COVID-19

In order to continue to provide you with the exceptional service you’ve come to expect, I have implemented certain precautions like:

These are the steps I am taking to make every meal prep session as safe as possible for you.

When you book me to cook at your home

On the day of your booking, I kindly ask that you:

If you would like to skip or reschedule a meal prep session please email us to let us know and we’d be happy to assist you however I can.

I recommend that you also review the cdc's guidelines for reducing the spread of covid-19. these include:

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